Amazon FBA Headway Logistics Notes!
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Frequently, some new sellers ask about FBA shipments. Recently, they have received feedback from many sellers about the problems encountered in FBA shipments. Today, with this topic, I will make a brief summary of FBA shipments.
How to pack the FBA products when they are shipped?
Amazon has no mandatory requirement for product packaging. If your product has original packaging, it is good to use the original packaging. But if some products do not have carton packaging, they can also be packaged in plastic bags. Just make sure that the product is perfect in FBA warehouse and in FBA warehouse and customer's hands. If we can't use packing boxes to control the cost, we recommend that we choose packing bags with texture as much as possible. After all, safety is one aspect. The experience of customers when receiving goods is also an important aspect. From the cost-saving point of view, we recommend using self-sealed anti-static bags instead of transparent PE bags.
How to stick the product label when shipping?
When Amazon FBA delivers goods, it needs to attach two labels - product label and outer box label. The product label is attached to the product packaging. This label can be UPC code label or product label generated by Amazon system. For each shipment, the corresponding outer box label should be generated according to the actual number of boxes packed.
The product label is attached to the product package (if it is bagged, it should be attached to the bag). One can be used. In order to avoid wear and tear during transportation, it is suggested that the outer box label can be attached to different sides of the outer box, and two more can also be used.
How to print labels?
Amazon system generates labels in the form of 24 or 27 labels on an A4 sheet. Of course, it can be printed on A4 sheet, cut and pasted, but this is not beautiful and inefficient. It is suggested that label printers can print labels with label printers. The label printers have corresponding editing software, which can easily edit and adjust. Specifically, the sellers of printers can be asked.
Carbon ribbon and copperplate paper are recommended when printing labels, because the words on the labels may fade until they are completely faded if the labels are placed for a long time or are wet.
How to choose the appropriate delivery channel for the first journey?
Generally speaking, the mode of delivery includes commercial express delivery, air + delivery, and sea transportation.
Commercial express generally includes DHL, UPS and FedEx, etc. the three major express services are divided into mainland and Singapore, and so on. They are issued differently, and there are differences in freight rates. The service options are also based on the difference between different couriers, such as the red single blue list, which we need to confirm in shipping.
Commercial express delivery has a fast timeliness, but generally the unit price is the most expensive. At the same time, the price varies according to different weight segments.
Air + Delivery is generally called Air plus Delivery, which is a little slower than express delivery and a little cheaper.
The price of shipping is cheap, but the time limit is much slower. For sellers with strong financial strength, we can choose the way of shipping to reduce costs and improve the overall profit margin. On the other hand, for large and heavy products, shipping is generally the best choice.
How to pack and weigh before delivery?
As the head freight is more expensive, and some products are also bulky, it is suggested that light weight matching can be used to deliver the goods, so as to reduce unnecessary freight costs caused by excessive volume.
Volume weight algorithms, according to different delivery methods, are generally long * wide * high / 5000 or 6000, and some special lines even divide by 7000. However, no matter how to divide the bill, it is suggested that the seller should follow up and confirm the goods delivered to the freight forwarder every time he delivers the goods, so as to ensure that his goods are not deliberately increased by the freight forwarders. After all, the freight forwarders in the market are in good mix and bad, and some freight forwarders are trying to make the difference by deliberately increasing the weight.
For shipment, you can refer to suggestions from forwarders:
(1) Customize the rigid outer case and keep it clean and deformed after loading.
(2) Measure the highest points on three sides of the goods horizontally by calipers (not tapes) against the wall, so that the errors between the general measured size and the freight forwarder's platform weighing will be relatively minimum;
(3) If the special discarded goods are suggested to consult the channel for dividing the volume of the goods by 6000;
(4) Conditional sellers suggest recruiting a professional man packing operator, who can help you pack less freight than the salary paid to him;
Source: FBA Special Line Logistics 13066949422